Want to live your passions and be on purpose?

I specialise in helping people transform their past and re-discover their passions - so they can be purposeful in creating success, love and happiness now, and into the future

“Everyone has a talent. Combine talent with your passions – that is your purpose and how you create the life of your dreams!” – Andrew Low, Passion and Purpose Coach

What clients say about Andrew's coaching

  • I have been coaching with Andrew for the past four months. Originally a bit of a sceptic as to what coaching could give me, Andrew was patient and considerate bringing out some of my more vulnerable feelings. My growth has been exponential through his coaching. My romance and personal life have flourished and I feel more whole-hearted as I set my life goals. I would recommend Andrew as a coach for all areas of your... read more

    Angie S. Avatar Angie S.
    Wife, mother, business owner
  • Andrew is a person of passion and integrity and leads by example in both his personal and professional life....a wonderful Life Coach who gets results. Thank you Andrew

    Robyn Noble Avatar Robyn Noble
  • Andrew took me from deep depression to finding focus, positivity, laughter to happiness in one coaching session. You see I knew happiness was just around the corner but I just couldn’t get there on my own. I was truly concerned that my old depression demons were back. Andrew was right there ready to pull me out. He fit me in to his busy schedule almost straight away. It was like all my problems were solved... read more

    Leah Barrie Avatar Leah Barrie
  • I was blessed and fortunate to have Andrew assigned to me as my mentor in my own journey to become a life coach. After each session my intention and direction was clear and brighter. Andrews passion and warmth has definitely helped me in achieving my goals. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone needing a coaching session.

    Megan Pulman Avatar Megan Pulman
  • I had a problem with my conscious mind blocking my intuition and inspiration, very important in my choice of career. Andrew skillfully pinpointed the cause for this, and used some very effective therapies to help me to recognize that cause myself, and to put strategies in place to overcome it. I felt safe and comfortable in Andrews space. Andrew is a very intuitive and results driven coach who I highly recommend.

    Nicole Huddleston Avatar Nicole Huddleston
  • One of the best coaches around. Andrew is compassionate, dedicated and very particular about achieving results for his clients. 🌞 Andrew takes special interest in constantly learning, evolving and being the best he can be for his clients. As a friend and colleague I respect Andrew's professionalism, work ethic and caring nature. I highly recommend Andrew as a coach and hypnotherapist.

    Moana Robinson Avatar Moana Robinson
  • Before I started coaching with Andrew, I felt stuck without being able to move ahead. I now have a sense of direction, and that I can create a plan to move ahead. Andrew had a comfortable and meaningful process, no pressure or stress. He is able to create belief and positivity.

    Jon Philpin Avatar Jon Philpin
  • In a single conversation Andrew helped me reframe my perception of my own value and empowered me with amazing ideas that solved a business problem that I had been struggling with for months. Andrew is an amazing coach and an inspiration and I highly recommend you engage him to walk with you as your coach on your journey.

    Michelle Mercer Avatar Michelle Mercer
  • Andrew Low was amazing with the hynotherapy session he conducted with me. There is something special about hypnosis as it creates something with your unconscious mind that is so powerful. The positive impact it has on my daily life cannot be explained – you just need to experience it. The experience that Andrew facilitated was one of peace, calm and the realisation of so much potential. Andrew is professional and completely dedicated to his craft... read more

    Moana R. Avatar Moana R.
    Wife, mother, coach
  • I can process problems by using tools Andrew gave me. What surprised me the most about the coaching was the comfort, understanding and friendly nature of Andrew and his processes.

    Pete Heenan Avatar Pete Heenan
  • Andrew's philosophy and approach strongly empowers you as the individual to make the positive changes you want in your life. Seeking out and identifying those issues holding you back is key to this positive change and Andrew not only creates a safe environment for this to happen, but also works to embed strategies to deal with those issues in a positive way. You're not alone on your journey as Andrew will be there for you... read more

    Mark G. Avatar Mark G.
    Husband, father, business executive
  • Andrew has been working with me for about 3 months and I am amazed at how intuitive he is. This gives him the flexibility to create a very personalised programme in a safe, friendly environment. I went for one reason and it quickly became apparent to Andrew that there were more important issues to work on. I have gained so much more confidence in many areas of my life, and was actually surprised at how... read more

    Chris M. Avatar Chris M.
    Grandparent, business owner
  • I have had a coaching session and hypnosis session with Andrew and I was very impressed with his passion and his skill as a coach. He is very dedicated to his client getting the best experience possible from each session. I thoroughly recommend Andrew to anybody needing coaching or hypnosis.

    Sean Street Avatar Sean Street
  • Andrew is a very passionate and intuitive coach. His skills enable him to get to the root of the problem and he knows the best techniques to use to get great results. I had the honour of working with him an found him inspiring an very helpful. I would definitely recommend him for anyone needing some coaching.

    Teresa Young Avatar Teresa Young
  • Roughly 6 months ago, still relatively fresh out of university, an opportunity to apply and interview for my dream job passed my way. With Andrew's help, he coached me for the position. He took the time to give me a mock-interview, gave helpful feedback on my answers and how I presented myself, and gave me advice on things I needed to think more deeply about to help myself be prepared for the real thing. With... read more

    Jessica Miller Avatar Jessica Miller

Would you like to bring the bounce back into your life?

Does the future look fuzzy to you? Do you ask yourself “What is my purpose?” but find it hard to answer. Do you find it difficult to wake up each morning because you’re uninspired? Or perhaps you go to work each day even though it feels meaningless and pointless?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are “not” following your passions. Why? Because passions are the driving force within us that inspire, energise and excite us. If you don’t embody your passions, you are literally draining your physical, financial, emotional and spiritual fuel tanks.

Do you know what your passions are? What are you talented at? Did you know that combining your passions with your talent create sustainable purpose that allows you to be both successful and fulfilled at the same time?

Find out if coaching works for you

To find out if coaching is for you, book in for a free 1-hour session. You get 60 minutes of one-on-one time with me for a free, no-obligation conversation to talk about coaching, where you are right now, and how I might be able to work with you to get to where you want to be. Who knows? You might even discover a thing or two about you that will propel you towards more success, love and happiness in your life right now. When you book, you’ll have a choice of a face-to-face or online chat, depending on where you are located.

Are you ready to let go of your past?

Is the past holding you back from achieving success in some or all areas of your life? What emotions, past events and beliefs about yourself might still be lingering in your unconscious mind? Do you feel that you are just reacting to situations and have little or no control of your life?

People often say “Let it go” but how does one do that?

Did you know that there are coaching processes that take as little as 15 minutes that help you clear out baggage from your past,  retain the useful lessons, and help you acquire resources to pave the way for your future?

“Clear the gunk from your past, so you can live in the present, to set the foundation for your future." ― Andrew Low

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." ― Carl Jung